GH Genhelix Biopharmaceutical facilities by Estudio[SIC]

GH Genhelix Biopharmaceutical facilities by Estudio[SIC]

Architects: Estudio[SIC]
Team: Esaú Acosta, Mauro Gil-Fournier, Miguel Jaenicke
Completion date: 2011
Location: Armunia, Spain

GH Genhelix building is a multipurpose building for a biotech company. This building, designed by Estudio[SIC], has five clearly different areas which include offices, laboratories, production, utilities and a warehouse.

Estudio[SIC] on the project:

A technological and pragmatic space in the same place. A building which explores sustainable technological connections between the most efficient shape, comfort and rapid qualities, reversible and functional construction. The headquarters, as the company main visible section, are located in a privileged position within the site, offering maximum visibility. Two scales of the proposal are evaluated: closest view more static and the dynamic remote one from the high-speed train.

via: Estudio[SIC]

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