Villa House by Chybik + Kristof

Villa House by Chybik + Kristof

Architects: Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects won an international architectural and urbanistic competition on 33 apartment buildings close to Bratislava. The project aims to create quality housing with direct contact with water surface. It also sets a considerable part of the house into the riparian forest in the river-bed of the Danube. “We have designed for each object a group of four materials which create together a common atrium as well as a scenic jetty near the water. The resulting combination of two- or three-floored buildings makes ideal conditions for social life inside each villa house whilst at the same time it provides enough privacy in each apartment. We do not design an ensemble of anonymous apartments but a PLACE with a bountiful view on water surface and with sojourning areas in the semi-private space.”

The Villa House is projected as a structure of four units, perpendicular to one another. It reflects the scale of the area as well as the relation to the country of the riparian forest. Proportionally designed volumes enclose a semi-public atrium. The position of the individual boxes is projected in a way so that it ensures a direct view on the water surface from each apartment in the area.

The central space of the house, an out-door atrium, is a sort of urban garden, a “microworld” shared by several families. It also has the function of natural air-conditioning. Thanks to its natural humidity, it helps to improve the quality of the environment inside the apartments in summer months. The atrium is directly linked to the common jetty on the lake’s surface for first-hand contact of the inhabitants of the villa house with water.

Each apartment is provided with an out-door terrace with sufficient view on the surrounding country. In summer months, it is possible to fully open the glass walls of the apartments. The living room can thus seasonally become a spacious loggia.

via: Chybik + Kristof Associated Architects

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