Community Intersection by Wendy Qiu & Aimee Yeo

Community Intersection by Wendy Qiu & Aimee Yeo

Students: WQ+AY (Wendy Qiu & Aimee Yeo)
University: University of Sydney, Australia
Location: Wolloomooloo, Sydney, Australia

The Community Intersection project is an artists-in-residence gallery situated in the suburb of Woolloomooloo, Sydney. Wedged between Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and an eight-lane arterial road, the site not only lacks pedestrian access but is uninviting in its neglected locality and landscape. It is also one of a series of disused “viaduct parks” that have formed as a result of the train line that hovers over the site and the rest of Woolloomooloo.

The aim was to reactivate the site whilst addressing the equally important issue of homelessness by including the additional programme of a community kitchen with public cafe attached. The programmatic intersection of the gallery and community kitchen acts as a point of growth for dialogue between three existing parties of Wooloomooloo – the local residents, the homeless, the artists.

The sectional geometries of each programme were initially determined without consideration of adjacent spaces. These programmatic sections were then placed on site according to daylight conditions and noise. These sections connected to adjacent sections through a series of transitional sections, giving the overall space a constant flow.

The sections are oriented so the resultant gaps (ie. glazing) allow maximum winter solar gain and minimise the hot western sun. The east-west lines used to orient the sections bleed into the landscape to form areas of public and semi-public seating.

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