28 West Coast Grove by ONG&ONG

28 West Coast Grove by ONG&ONG

Architects: ONG&ONG
Design Team: Maria Arango, Diego Molina, Linda Qing, Ryan Manuel
Completion date: 2009
Photography: Derek Swalwell
Location: Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Located in a quiet neighborhood in the west coast of Singapore, 28 West Coast Grove is a renovation project. The main goals were to bring more light into the living space, while also modernising the home to meet the ever changing needs of families today.

To address the first requirement, the architect detached the main elements of the first floor rooms from the party wall, allowing light to enter from all sides of the residence. A secondary measure was the introduction of several skylights, thereby allowing natural light in to illuminate the greenery within. These plants give the interior a refreshing, outdoor-like feel.

An infinity koi pond was also added to the back garden, creating a tranquil area for contemplation. When the folding doors are left open, the house’s inner space merges with the yard into one seamless area.

The highlight of this home is the master suite, comprising of bedroom, bathroom, stand-alone island with free standing tub and an exercise area. The overall feel is a spa-like environment without ever having to leave home.

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