Oficina Vidre Negre by Damilano Studio Architects

Oficina Vidre Negre by Damilano Studio Architects

Architects: Damilano Studio Architects
Collaborators: Enrico Casetta, Alberto Pascale, Jessica Pignatta, Claudia Allinio, Manuela Taricco, Rodolfo Cerati, Emanuele Meinero
Area: 1400 sqm
Completion date: 2011
Photography: Andrea Martiradonna
Location: Cuneo, Italy

Oficina Vidre Negre was born as a contemporary sculpture, a symbol of a dynamic and continuous development with the need for strong identification, even in terms of image.

In a context of peripheral node of the motorway, the building is set within a park, planted with native species, in which a sort of town square accompanied to the entrance. The dynamism of the client is shown in architecture, volume changing, a prism completely covered in black glass faceted and integrated photovoltaic panels.

The structure is split reflected in the wide expanse of water over the stage function, is the reserve of water for fire-fighting system and irrigation of the park.

The decomposition of the volume remains in the interior, intersected a sequence of spaces on four staggered levels, illuminated by more than cuts and side windows.

In plan the building is on the east-west, in two wings separated by a central block of facilities (stairs, toilets and bars). Operating areas are designed as open-space, while the executive offices, the private sector, are tested in the east of the building, projected to the outside and suspended in a vacuum.

The basement, with conference rooms and parking spaces are lit by large windows to which the green is sucked into chasms of ballast contained in rocks.

In external floors and ceilings in oak cooked in an autoclave, vietnam black stone floors with large plates of extra-clear glass railings.

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