Studio Lofts by Pott Architects

Studio Lofts by Pott Architects

Architects: Pott Architects
Area: 3,200 sqm
Completion Year: 2011
Photography: Sebastian Treytnar
Location: Hamburg, Germany

In between city and airport in the north of Hamburg an existing industrial building complex has been transformed into a think centre for emerging creative companies. The existing site with the courtyard and nearby park has gained a new cubature. Main task of the Studio Lofts project was the revitalisation of the old industrial spaces to create a symbiosis between old and new under ecological aspects.

Surrounded by a green park a 7,000 square meters courtyard ensemble is redeveloped into a vivid mixed use community with work yard, warehouses, media studios, café, dance studios and especially creative offices.

The sensitive transition of the existing buildings and the addition of a new roof wing have revitalized the ensemble into fully flexible office spaces with a unique loft atmosphere. Ecological and bio-climate aspects are considered by use of sustainable materials and timber framework for all new structural building parts. The orientation of the building facades towards the sun with glazed south elevation allows a maximum of solar energy gain.

Basic Power supply is given by a block heating station improving the CO2-emission balance of the building and reducing running costs with perspective to future developments. The project, which has been completed in 2011, integrates today´s most relevant architectural tasks such as innovative working environments, redevelopment of shrinking cities, careful use of energy and sensitive symbiosis of Old and New into a unique building design. Studio Lofts Hamburg opens free space for new ideas with its flexible lofts, which can react to the individual space requirements of young, dynamic developing creative companies.

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