Casa Dauz by Volta Arquitectos

Casa Dauz by Volta Arquitectos

Architects: Volta Arquitectos
Photography: Patrick López Jaimes
Location: Puebla, Mexico

Designed by Mexican architects Volta Arquitectos, Casa Dauz attends the needs of a young couple, projecting a home in two stages, the strategy of “progressive housing”. A house that grows, transforms itself, and evolves with the future family.

About the architectonic program
The first stage builds three volumes. The first volume points to the street, resolving the access and the guest’s toilet. It operates as a connector of these three volumes.

A second volume from the sidewalk configures a two-car garage, containing the living room, dining room and kitchen in the same space. The third and final volume, in the most private part of the lot, programs the main bedroom, with access through a dressing room and bathroom. This stage sums up to 115 sqm of construction.

The second stage, minding the increasing number of family members, resolves into two bedrooms, a bathroom, TV room and studio where the fourth volume of 77 sqm is built.

About the location
The building is located in front of the main boulevard of a private neighborhood (A 326 m2 lot) which lies on the southeast zone of the city of Puebla, Mexico.

About the design/scheme
The project is resolved with a clear central garden scheme, where all spaces live this great “core” of the house. The rhythm of the house is accompanied by two other important “voids” or “silences”, on one side, the one which receives the inhabitant with a water mirror, and the most private, which is a small garden for the main bedroom.

About the structure / materials / typology
The volumes are free and suspended, this means they break free or apparently float from their surface, unveiling a practical reading of the house.
The structure is exposed by ipr’s with walls and concrete slabs. The windows open up to the garden, venting and illuminating the house, some of them contain shelf as part of the furniture, giving the facades a peculiar aspect.

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