House in Sakai by NRM Architects Office

House in Sakai by NRM Architects Office

Architects: Shunichiro Ninomiya + Tomoko Morodome / NRM Architects Office
Principal use: personal house (Two families)
Structure: wood structure, 2stories
Site area: 325 sqm
Building area: 1,225 sqm
Total floor area: 174 sqm
Completion date: 2011
Photography: Eiji Tomita
Location: Osaka, Japan

Osaka-based studio NRM Architects Office has shared with ILikeArchitecture their House in Sakai project in Osaka, Japan. The residence is considerably set back from the street and is highly distinguishable from other neighboring houses due to its solid black metal facade. A square area of the pavement has been removed from the driveway in order to plot this with trees and shrubs, hiding the entrance from view.

NRM Architects Office on House in Sakai:

This residence is a two-household house for family which consists of husband, wife, one child, and its grandfather.

It was arranged shared bathroom and lavatory between a child household and a parent household.
In order to consider so that a good distance can be maintained between each household, the main flow line is divided.

The high side window of the north side witch is an accent of facade leads a soft light indoors in contrast with the window of a courtyard on the south.

The ground level of House in Sakai includes a combined kitchen, dining and living area, with direct access to the open-air courtyard. The courtyard allows to access the house through the grand common space or through an additional side door which leads to a bathroom and corridor. Via the living room, the main stairs are placed within the double-storey volume which overlooks the street and neighboring dwellings.

The first floor includes the master bedroom, and small bedroom, a study room and the balcony.

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