Glacial Water Botteling Plant by Panorama Arquitectos

Glacial Water Botteling Plant by Panorama Arquitectos

Architects: Panorama Arquitectos
Photography: Cristobal Valdes
Location: Queulat fiord, Patagonia, Chile

The Glacial Water Botteling Plant project is situated in the border of Queulat National Park in Patagonia, 3 hours away from Cohiaique, which is the nearest city. This compromised the material and construction logistics decisions to secure its construction quality and ageing because of tough climate conditions. The project was built in 4 months. The process consists of bottled glacial water.

The building that contains the process is a box 18 by 18 meters and 6 meters high. The four facades are clad in toughened glass with a black opaque coating with a tapered soil base.

Because of the climatic conditions, glass offered a good skin solution plus the reflections of the surroundings as ornament, and the steel structure which is bolted to ensure recycling as much as possible.

The near by river during winter season floods the area so the 1.5 meter tapered base offers the necessary protection with out compromising the building.

Panorama was formed in 2009 in Santiago de Chile. To date, we have developed projects of medium and small scale, covering both the residential and industrial area and equipment.

In relation to our work, all derives from the contextual analysis of each individual order and using different methodologies in order to find the best possible solutions to projects. Our focus is the environment, which we adapt according to the intentions of the project. It seems more important not only to validate the work in itself, but its relationship to context and how to make this relationship something more permanent and less dependent on a fleeting moment.

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