Apply to Strelka

Apply to Strelka

Strelka Institute, post-graduate school based in Moscow, has just opened for the third time the admission process.

Strelka, opened in 2010, is a private school and research institute with an ambition of changing the public space of Moscow and raising a new generation of architects, and urban planners.

During the first two years, both Russian and foreign students have been working on research projects under tuition of world-class architects from OMA/AMO. During the first year Rem Koolhaas, was leading studio called “Preservation”, continuing research on this topic which he had started with the famous exhibition “Cronocaos”. Renier de Graaf (head of AMO) led studio called “Energy”, using previous experience in this topic gained during work on “Eneropa” project.

This year they both focused on Russia. Rem lead a studio called “Hinterland”, devoting students’ energy into researching Russian province. De Graaf focused on Moscow, leading studio called “Megapolis”.

The second academic year brought new tutors, not connected with OMA. Strelka invited also David Erixon (Hyper Island) and Carlo Ratti (MIT Senseable Lab). Students of the new studios have prepared research projects on the future of mass housing in Russia (studio “Citizens as Customers”) and on using new technologies in understanding and designing a city (studio “Senseable City Moscow”).

After only two years of existence, the Institute appears to have a great influence on Moscow’s reality. Its work on both the tangible (consulting the changes in the Gorky Park, Moscow’s most popular open space) and the intangible (popularizing knowledge by its summer and publishing programs, educating new generation of architects) is being noted and appreciated not only in Russia.

The third year of Strelka will be devoted to the topic of transformation. Moscow gives a perfect opportunity to young architects and other professionals interested in city development, to observes ongoing changes. Being on one hand Europe’s biggest city and on the other hand a city in transition, it is a perfect laboratory to observe transformation.

Strelka will welcome everyone, with a higher education degree, good English, creativity and positive energy. The admission process deadline is on the 1st of August.

As a side note:

    All students receive a monthly stipend in the amount of 39 200 rubles (980 euros)
    Out-of-town students will be responsible for finding accommodation in Moscow
    School year at Strelka starts October 1 and ends June 30
    New Year’s Break is December 23 – January 9

Link to the official application site.

Apply to Strelka Official Video

Strelka Final Review 2012

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