Bologna Guest House by Enrico Iascone Architetti

Bologna Guest House by Enrico Iascone Architetti

Architects: Enrico Iascone Architetti
Design Team: Enrico Iascone, Carlotta Menarini, Camilla Belletti, Alberto Vitali, Anna Grassigli
Structural Engineers: Luca Turrini
Completion date: 2009
Area: 100 sqm
Total cost: 100,000 euro
Photography: Daniele Domenicali
Location: Bologna, Italy

In a forest of oaks, ash and maple trees, on Bologna hills, in a place of large naturalistic beauty, on a steep and chalky land, rose a small warehouse beside a private house. At its place today rises a small hosts house on two levels, conceived like a modern architecture adapting itself to the landscape with innovative and contemporary style. A compact volume embedded in the land that takes advantage of the characteristics of the ground and the place.

The use of prefabricated wood panels has allowed an express development of the yard, which lasted little more than four months, conjugating technical, stylistic and architectonic needs and affording a strong interaction with the ground.

The walls are ventilated and thermally isolated, covered with wood panels in the same color of the surrounding trees. The same material is used for the inclined cover, while the flat cover of the main body is ended with a layer of gravel.

On frontal prospect open many light holes that respect the dimension of the panels, while on the lateral fronts there are large windows that integrate nature and the building.

The inside is simple and linear while for external details and walls of control are used chalk blocks from the yard workings.

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