Dance Center by Clara Campo-Cid

Dance Center by Clara Campo-Cid

Student: Clara Campo-Cid
University: ETSAB-UPC, Spain
Location: Chicago, USA

Situated in Printer’s Row neighborhood in the south loop of Chicago, USA, this building is a Dance Center that hosts: classic ballet, modern ballet, flamenco and tribal dance performances.

The ambition of giving a fresh impetus to the neighborhood is what moved the design of this project from the beginning. Printer’s Row is a monotone residential area in the south loop that has been quite forgotten in the past years, but now after a series of use changes is gradually gaining more fame among Chicagoans. The objective of this project is to give the final push to revitalize and attract retail and activity to the area for its economic development.

Given the lack of public space in the neighborhood the strategy of the design is to create a park that gradually curves to enclose the program underneath, generating a complex continuous green space and a public plaza with an outdoor amphitheater in its center. With its contemporary form and aesthetics the building has the personality to become a new urban icon for the amusement of citizens and for the city of Chicago.

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