Hotel Topazz by BWM Architekten und Partner

Hotel Topazz by BWM Architekten und Partner

Architects: BWM Architekten und Partner, DI Michael Manzenreiter 

Building concept, Facade: BWM Architekten und Partner 

Floor plans, Interior designer: DI Michael Manzenreiter
Area: 2,200 sqm
Completion date: 2012
Photography: Lenikus GmbH (Anna Blau), BWM Architekten und Partner
Location: Vienna, Austria

The new Hotel Topazz by BWM Architekten und Partner in Vienna’s city center can be likened to a glistening, dark-colored gemstone. Its brown mosaic façade, which absorbs and reflects the natural light, ensures that this building – on one of Vienna’s smallest building sites – is a real eye-catcher. The design, created by BWM Architekten und Partner, is characterized by striking elliptical window openings that jut out slightly.

This unconventional, distinctive treatment of the façade gives this round-cornered building a sense of weightlessness and elegance as well as an unusually physical presence within the fabric of Vienna’s historical architecture. Inside, the curved window recesses serve as comfortably rounded spots for sitting or lounging while you watch the hustle and bustle of the city below. In this way, the exterior and interior spaces engage in close dialogue and complement each other.

The idea with the portholes was born partly out of a lack of space – with the aim of making the best possible use of the 153 square meters of site area. After relaxing and daydreaming in one of the niches, you will open your eyes and say: Good morning, Vienna!

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