Urbaner Wohnturm in Horgen by MGH Architekten

Urbaner Wohnturm in Horgen by MGH Architekten

Architects: MGH Architekten
Completion date: August 2011
Location: Horgen, Switzerland

Stunning views of the lake Zurich, a characteristic for Urbaner Wohnturm, a four-story one family house situated in the small town of Horgen near Zurich. Restrictive building regulations and the small property require a special adaption of the external shape.

The precisely planned facade has been created out of white concrete. A split-level construction enables multifaceted views inside the internal sculptural space. Varying ceiling heights allow the inhabitant a diversity of options.

The accurate and careful choice of materials creates a natural comfort. The warm oak wood and the exclusive linen wallpaper harmonize with the gray cement concrete ceilings and polished concrete floors. the inside window frames are made of white oiled oak. the outer aluminum window frames were processed with a unique anodizing. all sink and wall coverings in the shower and the bathroom were covered with genuine travertine.

The comprehensive program space (studio, two bedrooms, master bedroom, dressing room, dining room, kitchen, living room with fireplace, roof terrace, showers, bathroom, double garage with driveway, patio and air-conditioned wine cellar) allows a comfortable living.

All technical installations (electrical wiring, ventilation pipes, floor heating, water and sewage pipes) are inserted into the concrete ceiling. In all bathrooms there is a laundry chute that transported the dirty laundry to the washing machine directly.

The 260 m2 living space generates a large volume of building 1’200 m3. The building was completed in august 2011.

According to the latest ecological and economic studies the building is Minergie ®-certified and extremely energy-efficient. Geothermal energy affords a heating function in winter as well as a cooling one in summer.

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