Vertical Park School Chicago by Jonathan D. Choe / Will Bruder

Vertical Park School Chicago by Jonathan D. Choe / Will Bruder

Student: Jonathan D. Choe
Professor: Will Bruder
University: Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
Location: Chicago, USA

Vertical Park School Chicago takes advantage of a disjointed sectional site condition by creating a new public landscape with integrated school functions. The classroom block is raised to provide light, view, and security.

Public Park Landscape
A landscaped ramp on top of the gym acts as a new public park, and an area for outdoor activities. The classroom block is raised to allow for the new public connection, and pushed back to provide a visual connection between lake and park.

Classroom Block
The classrooms are raised to provide ventilation, and security. The floating block is then expanded and stretched to carve dynamic social spaces in the building, create size variation, frame directional vistas, and capture sunlight.

Snow / Rain Well
The central public space of the school is punctured a glass-enclosed shaft which allows light and precipitation to flow through the school, enhancing the connection to the exterior environment, and creating a visible connection between the classrooms and the gym below.

Cityscape Facade
Reminiscient of Mies van der Rohe’s Crown Hall, the classroom facade is frosted at the lowest level (4 feet) , alowing clear views of the surrounding cityscape, while blocking out street-level distractions. Full height tinted & clear thin panels allow limited unobstructed views.

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