London 2012 Olympic Stadium by Populous

London 2012 Olympic Stadium by Populous

The London 2012 Olympic Stadium has been designed by Populous, an architectural firm specialising in the design of sports facilities and convention centres. The Stadium is at the heart of the Olympic Park on an ‘island’ site, surrounded by waterways on three sides. Spectators will reach the venue via five bridges that link the site to the surrounding area.

Given the ephemeral nature of the Stadium, Populous prioritised the transition to a 25,000 seat capacity after the conclusion of the games, exploring form, materials, structure and operating systems. The result is a Stadium made of simple forms with demountable connections which minimises the fabrication time and weight of the entire structure.


Architectural firm Populous specialises in monumental sporting and entertainment structures and was responsible for the Olympic Stadium at the London 2012 Games. The structure has changed the face of East London and is the focal point of the world’s biggest sporting activity until 13 August. We meet Rod Sheard, the architect behind the build at Populous’ studio to discuss how they approached the project with legacy and sustainability in mind, and why sport is one of the few tools left that still brings people together.

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