Lofty Living Room by alsoCAN Architects

Lofty Living Room by alsoCAN Architects

Architects: Jane McDougall, alsoCAN architects
Photography: Shania Shegedyn
Location: Melbourne, Australia

When the owners went to alsoCAN architects with this ugly duckling of a house, a lot of its Victorian lacework and windows had been stripped out. It had a wide hall and 4 well proportioned rooms but a ramshackle kitchen, laundry and bathroom falling off the back.

The back of the house faced away from the sun so a pavilion style double height space was separated off the back by a courtyard to sneak some light in over the existing Victorian roof into the new living room.

A family home, now the back garden is an extension of the living room, with a clear view from the kitchen and the mezzanine study tucked over the kitchen benches. The car parking has been concealed but not separated off so it can double as an undercover play space and party space.

Like a lot of older houses, there was no storage. A continuous line of cupboards from kitchen through laundry to wardrobe solved this problem, making use of the unused side of the house.

One of the bedrooms was converted into 2 bathrooms; one an ensuite bathroom to the front bedroom, looping through to the wardrobe and on to the kitchen to prepare a morning cup of coffee.

Flexibility of uses and the lofty living room height give this house a feeling of spaciousness, allowing it to fulfill more than would be expected of its relatively modest size.

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