A Museum for light Artists by Ivan Ponce

A Museum for light Artists by Ivan Ponce

Student: Ivan Ponce
Tutor: Jeffrey Schnabel
University: Portland State University, Department of Architecture
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

A Museum for light Artists explores the idea of enhancing viewer’s perceptions of a permanent collection of artist’s light installations through architecture designed specifically for this purpose. The project contains a range of light displays from some of the most influential and recognized artists of the light and space movement and displays art pieces in a museum for light artists in Portland, Oregon.

Through the observation and consideration of specific pieces, important features were extracted to be used as a tool for the creation of this museum where art has a direct relationship with the architectural environment it occupies. The orchestrated sequence of the pieces helps the viewers to experience a stronger experiential journey while observing the art and the space where they interact.

Light as an untouchable element plays a very important role in the way the world is revealed to us and has tremendous impact on the way we perceive architecture. The perception of objects in our built environment starts when light makes vision possible. An intrinsic relationship thus arises with a dualism between light and darkness, in order for both to exist.

Reinterpretation of architecture through the use of both artificial and natural light opens up new possibilities for a design conceptualization of a space. It is during this addition of light, we can explore the place where physical and poetic conception intervenes on architecture as a whole. It is from this point I explore light and space becoming one.

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