D-Process: A Smarter and Simpler Way of Building Homes

D-Process: A Smarter and Simpler Way of Building Homes

Facit Homes, a design and build company in London, was not content with all the usual home construction hurdles, and decided to pioneer an entirely new way of building named the D-Process.

The D-Process is a construction technique which completely turns the traditional approach on its head, and has resulted in the construction of the world’s first computer-cut house. The D-Process delivers a compact mobile production facility (MPF) to the construction site, equipped with all the materials and machinery required to transform a 3D digital design into a physical building.

Facit Homes first designs the house using a 3D computer model, which contains every aspect from its orientation, material quantities, even the position of each electrical socket. Using a computer controlled cutter, the D-Process translates the 3D digital models into the home’s exact physical building components. These components are usually made from engineered spruce ply, making them light and easy enough to then be assembled together on site. Since the components are produced on demand, costs are kept to a minimum and lead times are eradicated.

This unique construction method provides on-site quality control, a high level of predictability, cost effectiveness, speed, a low carbon footprint and flexibility. In addition each project possesses an individual design and layout that reflects the needs of its future occupants.

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