Ka-3 House by Akiyama Architectural Design

Ka-3 House by Akiyama Architectural Design

Architects: Akiyama Architectural Design
Site area: 76.26 sqm
Building footprint: 29.81 sqm
Gross floor area: 81.97 sqm
Location: Takada, Japan

The Ka-3 House, located in Takada, Japan, is a single-family residence built on land of a little more than 76 sqm, and all three floors add to a gross floor area of nearly 82 sqm.

Thoughts by Akiyama Architectural Design at that time:

Should there be windows in each room?

Possibly an interesting field of view effect could be obtained with the windows placed crossing between floors

Against the box of the outer, which is the outer wall and the roof, there are the inner parts, which are the floor and the stairs. After clearly separating the inner and the outer and removing the continuity, the design process was based on a method in which the two parts would be combined together later.

When seen from the outside the floors cuts through the center of the windows.

When entered, from below the windows can be seen at the ceiling and it is understood that they will be seen at the floor from the floor above.

Therefore, when going up or down the stairs, while the field of view changes, a continuous scene can be enjoyed from each window

Further, in response to necessity, two kinds of windows were used.

One kind was clear glass, this allows light to come in and the scenery to be seen.

The other kind of window was glass covered with an aluminum shutter which opened together to allow a passing breeze to enter the house.

The aluminum type of windows incorporated illumination and the light was reflected from the aluminum in to the room.

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