Private House in Cologne by SMO Architektur

Private House in Cologne by SMO Architektur

Architects: SMO Architektur
Location: Cologne, Germany

The Private House in Cologne combines two contrary basic needs of humanity. On one side the extrovert, that strives for liberty and the life in the nature and on the other side the introvert, which yearns for the feeling of security and contemplation.

This idea led SMO Architektur to two iconic layout types, the space plan by Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier’s plan Libre. For comparison, two houses, both in Paris, almost simultaneously built, house Tristan Tzazar a DADA poet who invented the term dada,1926 and Villa Stein – de Monzie 1927 Mr. Stone was a prominent art collector and his wife was a painter. The wealthy woman de Monzie and her daughter shared the house until 1936, with the couple Stein.

The space plan by Adolf Loos describes the possibilities of 3-dimensional or vertical arrangement of spaces and produces a very compact structure that maximizes the inner contacts and minimizes external contacts.

Le Corbusier’s five points to a new architecture is the Plan Libre or free floor plan, a major. The Plan Libre includes the column and the free façade and thus it gives the possibility to link the inner space to the outer space, the garden. So we used the capabilities of the space plan for the introverted sleeping areas upstairs, and the free floor plan for the open and extroverted garden level. We unite in this house, the two opposing attitudes architecture.

The draft combines two iconic layout-typologies – Adolf Loos’ floor plans and the plan Libre Le Corbusier’s. It is a hybrid.

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