Urban Design: Meet The Experts

Urban Design: Meet The Experts

With London as the backdrop, Crane.tv  meets three British urban development professionals who express the importance of establishing a symbiotic relationship between planners and “consumers”. This relationship strives to achieve honourable goals such as sustainability, improved infrastructure, and better living standards.

Crane.tv meets three urban development experts to discuss the ways in which cityscapes are changing and why modern architecture needs to focus on the needs of inhabitants, re-integrating man into the city.

We discuss sound pollution with Stephen Phillips, Product Designer at Arup, and their plans to soundscape our rapidly growing cities to create ‘places of contemplation’. Mark Middleton, Managing Partner at Grimshaw Architects London Office, explains the need to diversify our cities transport structures to become multi-functional ‘hubs’ that centre around the population’s needs as well as the needs of transport.

Finally we look at the importance ‘community’ plays in design with Frederik Wiesenborn, one of the founders of Sanitov Studio, who believes the real challenge is convincing the cities inhabitants to embrace sustainable ideals.

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