Refugio La Parva by Elton+Leniz

Refugio La Parva by Elton+Leniz

Architects: Elton+Leniz
Photography: Natalia Vial
Location: Lo Barnechea, Chile

Under the existing house is needed to build a shelter. Regulations and customer needs only allows a less risky operation, the existing building has to be suspended and diged under it to accommodate an apartment of 90 m2. The shelter is then defined in perimeters, divisions and slabs of concrete and a facade with windows that recognize a terrace and views of Santiago.

The interior is coated with wood which hides the insulation and supports the natural lighting of the west front through some skylights in the areas with bigger depth.

The design of the Refugio La Parva focuses on reconciling the construction of a floor socket to enable independent living of the two resulting units. The plinth is the base and the new topography of the house A.

The proposed language relates to the construction of stone walls and foundations. It is interesting to articulate both constructions in the unit and the contrast of its proportions.

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