IBFG by Mata y Asociados

IBFG by Mata y Asociados

Architects: Mata y Asociados
Collaborators: Myriam Vizcaino Bassi, Javier Encinas Hernández, Eduardo García García, Jaime Pedruelo Sánchez, Stefania Augliera, David Emiliano Fernández Mateos (model) architects
José Ramón Galache Hernández, Tomás Rodríguez Diente, quantity surveyors
Photography: Juan K. Ayala, Mata y asociados
Location: Salamanca, Spain

The IBFG is located on a plot at the end of Campus Miguel de Unamuno. Its topography is rugged, with a difference of up to 6 m between the outermost points. Taking this condition the implantation proposal starts off from a topological approach with two different input levels, allowing access further segregation by types and uses (vehicle access and representative pedestrian access at the lower and upper level, respectively).

The solution adopted led to the construction of a unitary and compact building, with a continuous and semi-transparent mask inspired in genetic coding processes, after which the plan is organized around eight functional large vertical holes (four indoor and four attached to the facade), thereby obtaining a foamed interior provided with natural lighting. The compaction of the program also allowed us to liberate most of the plot’s surface, and to project terraced/landscaped plates to allow the coexistence of the outdoor leisure area with controlled parking strips.

The auditorium of amoeboid form, located on the northern head of the building, is configured as a (formal and constructively) differential element that marks the main entrance to the building. At the other extreme, a large concrete brackets allow shelter the space for expeditions (the other major access area) and hold cryogenic gas tanks.

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