Schwarz Auf Weiss by Fabi Architekten

Schwarz Auf Weiss by Fabi Architekten

Architects: fabi architekten bda
Area: 100 sqm
Completion year: 2012
Photography: Herbert Stolz
Location: Wenzenbach, Germany

A house like an archetype. As a prelude to the castle “Schönberg” (12th century) at the Wehrgraben – site of a former guard house. Schwarz auf Weiss (Black on White) house consists of two building volumes – one homogeneous, black saddle roof building lying turned and cantilevered on a white flat roof box. A minimal intrusion into the hillside topography.

The volumes open up targeted to the natural space, the forest. The buildings to the sorroundings shine quiet and conciseness– unambiguity. Diving into the slope the visitor develops the house over an underground wardrobes-/ reception room – is soaked up through the ray of light over a free overhanging stairs.

Above: One-room for working, thinking, talking, eating, celebrating, relaxing,…..result of the failure of all irrelevancy – minimum. In the evening retreat into the belly of the house for cleaning, relaxing and sleeping. Always accompany of the look in the nature room – diminution. Pure geometric out of lively material – monolithic with penetration.

On the Outside: granite crushed stone following the topography – of rough till fine – black aspahlt as a back gear. Sufficiency and respect for the place are the aims of buliding the future.

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