H House by Mattch

H House by Mattch

Architects: Mattch
Area: 116 sqm
Completion year: 2012
Photography: Satoru Umetsu / Nacasa & Partners
Location: Nagoya, Japan

Japanese architecture studio Mattch has completed the H House family residence in Nagoya. One of the features that stands out immediately is the house’s sweeping facade that stretches out towards the corner of the plot.

While the rear and side walls of the residence are straight, the roof has been designed with an irregular gable that curves up then down as it runs along the length of the building.

Mattch on the project:

It is the corner lot of the hill which the house of the low-rise building ranges in the site, and people opened.

By the first meeting, I thought that the soft space of one big connection was good while being effective conducting wire.

I assume it a functional plan with simplicity planarly, I lowered the floor of a bedroom and the place equipped with a water supply than dining and, to the shape of the site that fell down gently towards the depths, located it.

Therefore the warehouse gallery of the second floor distributed between two will be near from dining in the future; was located.

Furthermore, I installed the window which a bedroom and the dining direction of the washing face could open and close.
Thus, I can always feel each other’s signs near even if wherever of the building.

I let the form of the ceiling curve gently to diffuse light to enter at there that established the slit-shaped top light to the ridge of the north side to the indoor every corner.

The shape of a pillar and a handrail, 掘込 まれた downlight and the illumination assumed it gentle form like the form of the ceiling.

Because because he work for the wholesale company of the paint, the visitor wants to make the showroom of the visitor, The painting that the room cleans air, the waterproof painting that the outside obeys the rolling of the earthquake, I used it. I painted all the characteristic form.

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