N House by Mattch

N House by Mattch

Architects: Mattch
Area: 98.16 sqm
Completion year: 2012
Photography: Nacasa & Partners
Location: Mizuho-ku, Nagoya, Japan

The site of House N is a trapezoid facing the green extension of the elementary school spread through a front-shaped slope. A construction for furniture, such as a shop without a feeling of life, was demanded from the chief mourner.

From a site shape of the transformation, it is the insertion on the triangular part that it-shaped lay it out and had free middle of ハ planarly in stairs between two rectangular sky. The architects just gradually repeat the level of the floor in right and left and, from the road with the incline, form skip-stop floors space.

Each floor has displayed many displays, the furniture which the chief mourner owns impartially while having a bedroom, the functions such as the kitchen, and pawn of the space begins to be blurred in the other through central stairs.

Mattch architecture establish the louver-shaped emission air-conditioning facilities such as the art object in the center, the triangular colonnade along stairs and keep each floor comfortably.
At the same time as these operation connects the space of top and bottom right and left gently, I partition off space gently.

A connection of moderate space became the building felt an expanse in spite of being narrowness in the space.

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