© Eugeni Pons

AB House by Built Architecture

The challenge is to find a balance between the existing and the new. Recover and revalue the features of the original apartment, while getting rid of any element that blots[…]

© Meraner & Hauser

Grocery Store by Messner Architects

The starting point for the development of the architectural design was the building‘s positioning and orientation within the lot focusing on the site-specific morfological aspects of the ground, the connection[…]

© Radu Malașincu

G3House by LAMA Arhitectura

This project’s design theme was the consolidation and expansion of an existing house. The site for G3House is located in Otopeni city, adjacent to Bucharest. It consists of a generous[…]

© Sergio Grazia

Familistère Dwellings by archi5

The Familistère is an auto-development dwellings project for and from archi5 partners. The plot is just next to the architecture studio. The whole project took two years from funding, conception,[…]

© Jon Cazenave

Aizkibel Library by Estudio Beldarrain

There is no doubt that to make the extension of preexistence as the old station of Azkoitia, is an extremely delicate operation. The deep decoration and the good conservation of[…]

© Karol Borkowski

Varna Library design by Spatial Practice

spatial practice design for the Varna Public Library Competition has been shortlisted and selected 3rd place among the winning entries. The design of the 28,000sm public library was selected among[…]