© Philippe Ruault

Espace Monestie by PPA

Espace Monestie is part of a typical suburban area. It is located in the town of Plaisance du Touch in the west of Toulouse, about 15 kilometers from the center[...]

Courtesy of Atelier Zündel Cristea

Evolo 10 by Atelier Zündel Cristea

Paris is currently reviewing its ambitions of “greatness”. However, within a country where speed is not necessarily a condition of efficiency, and where “quality of life” is elevated to “the[...]

Courtesy of OMA

Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc by OMA

OMA has won the international competition to design the Pont Jean-Jacques Bosc, the sixth bridge across the river Garonne in Bordeaux and the first bridge design to be realized by[...]

Courtesy of Gelin-Lafon

Valeton Housing by Gelin-Lafon

How to design a building that generates social ties rather than a social housing building? How to create an open place that promotes interactions between residents, a place that is[...]