Carmen Martin Gaite by Estudio Beldarrain

Carmen Martín Gaite is the first buildign of the Getafe Campus extension of the Madrid Carlos III University. Our arrangement, winner of the urban planning contest, lays the buildings on[…]

AB House by Built Architecture

The challenge is to find a balance between the existing and the new. Recover and revalue the features of the original apartment, while getting rid of any element that blots[…]

Aizkibel Library by Estudio Beldarrain

There is no doubt that to make the extension of preexistence as the old station of Azkoitia, is an extremely delicate operation. The deep decoration and the good conservation of[…]

Roca Llisa by SAOTA & ARRCC

As annual visitors to the island of Ibiza, the owners stipulated a contemporary reinvention of the classic Mediterranean villa they had purchased at the top of a wooded hill in[…]

Salburúa Civic Center by ACXT Architects

The Salburúa Civic Center is a building that combines sporting, cultural and administrative uses to service the neighborhood Salburua in Vitoria. The project conceives the civic center as a gathering[…]

House 1014 by H arquitectes

The plot is located in the historical city centre of Granollers and placed into an urban fabric of dwellings between party walls. The available space is narrow and elongated, only[…]