Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold

Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold by Kiel Moe Toronto-based architectural firm superkül is delighted to announce the launch of the firm’s first book, Rain, Gravity, Heat, Cold. The 160-page, limited-edition volume[…]

The Working Drawing: The Architect’s Tool

The Working Drawing: The Architect’s Tool by Annette Spiro and David Ganzoni Large-scale working drawings are one of the fundamental tools in architecture, crucial from the early stages of creation[…]

Daylighting Handbook I

Daylighting Handbook I by Christoph Reinhart Daylighting Handbook I ($38, paperback) is the first volume in a series of upcoming books on daylighting and other sustainable building design concepts written for[…]

Biomimicry in Architecture

Biomimicry in Architecture by Michael Pawlyn In the search for genuinely sustainable building design and technology – designs that go beyond conventional sustainability to be truly restorative – we often[…]

Restaurant & Bar Design

Restaurant & Bar Design by Julius Wiedemann Restaurants and bars offer architects and interior designers the opportunity to design for both style and entertainment; aesthetics and function must come together[…]

Parametric Design for Architecture

Architects use computer-aided tools to help them visualise their ideas and build models of their designs. However, the majority of these models are built in such a way that it[…]

Architecture as Material Culture

Architecture as Material Culture by Richard Francis-Jones, Kenneth Frampton A place acquires meaning through human intervention and transformation. Raised to the level of architecture these transformations interpret and represent society’s[…]

The Function of Form

The Function of Form by Farshid Moussavi The Function of Form ($29) explores the production of singular affects through systems that relate form and content. This is an essential graphic manual[…]