108_Sir Ove Arup

Quote #108 – Sir Ove Arup

What should our designs try to achieve? We must take a critical look at the brief, make it more comprehensive. We must look beyond the narrow object and ask ourselves: What will be the ecological consequences? – Sir Ove Arup

107_Paolo Soleri

Quote #107 – Paolo Soleri

If an architect’s ego is very small, he is done for it; if it is vast then he might make some very important contributions. – Paolo Soleri


Quote #102 – Ove Arup

Engineering is not a science. Science studies particular events to find general laws. Engineering design makes use of the laws to solve particular practical problems. In this it is more closely related to art or craft. – Ove Arup


Quote #100 – Frank Lloyd Wright

Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility. I chose the former and have seen no reason to change. – Frank Lloyd Wright


Quote #99 – Denise Scott Brown

Architects can’t force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make the meeting places useful and attractive. – Denise Scott Brown


Quote #98 – Zaha Hadid

I started out trying to create buildings that would sparkle like isolated jewels; now I want them to connect, to form a new kind of landscape, to flow together with contemporary cities and the lives of their peoples. – Zaha Hadid


Quote #96 – Daniel Libeskind

In a strange way, architecture is really an unfinished thing, because even though the building is finished, it takes on a new life. It becomes part of a new dynamic: how people will occupy it, use it, think about it. – Daniel Libeskind