Student Corner

Student Corner


Modern ‘Fondaco’ by Sorin Bompa

Student Sorin Bompa University UAUIM Bucharest Tutors Andrei Serbescu, Madalin Coman Location Sacca San Biagio, Venice, Italy In the current context of the complex transformations that undergo in the Venetian[…]


WEEP by Colorado Building Workshop

The Waterton Environmental Education Pavilion, located in Waterton Canyon, serves as an outdoor classroom for environmental groups involved in Bird Banding, Pond Ecology and Wildlife Habitat. It was designed and[…]

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Students Kyle Graham, Emily Hayden, Sam Naylor, Logan Leggett, Gavin West, Niki Esser, Eric Lynn, Jamie Park, Vincent Baudoin, Shelby Mills, Melinda Telford, Gianna Morelli, Ben Tinklenberg Workshop Leaders Hart[…]

© Arthur Vartanyan

Hypervolik by Arthur Vartanyan

Student Arthur Vartanyan University University of Southern California Location Los Angeles, California, USA Hyperbolic – (adj.) that which pertains to a hyperbola (a curve), or to hyperbole (an exaggeration). –[…]


Reconnecting Domesticity by Anthony Ko

Student Anthony Ko University Intermediate Unit 8, AA School of Architecture, London, UK Tutors Francisco Gonzales de Canales and Nuria Alvarez Lombardero Location Buenos Aires, Argentina Reconnecting Domesticity addresses the[…]