© Peter Bennetts

Tunnel House by MO-DO

The client approach us with a brief to renovate their double fronted cottage in hawthorn, after a few briefing session with the clients, it became very clear that their lifestyle[…]

© Worlderful Photography

Sikmul by desi_architects

Seoul based studio desi_architects, in cooperation with photographer and art director Louis Park, have created an art space/café bar by joining and renovating four aging traditional Korean houses in the[…]

© Mirko Merchiori

House in a House by Global Architects

House in a House is the sustainable renovation of a terraced house from the 1980s in Wassenaars Spinbaanquarters. Our design challenge was to transform the dated and cramped residence into a bright, modern space with character, yet providing enough space for a family. The result is an open living space that makes smart use of the height of the house. Thanks to the rooftop structure and attic windows, another 40 m2 is gained, enabling light to stream into the centre of the house.[…]

© Oscar Hernández

TCH House by Arkylab

La Herradura is a 60’S residential complex on the city of Aguascalientes, with land lots above 1000 m2, near the San Pedro River on its west side. Despite being a[…]

© Peter Čintlan

White Cubes House by at26

White Cubes House is located on a small atypical plot on the corner of the intersection of two streets – Kaštieľska, a rather busy street, and Kľukatá street, which is[…]