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Okazaki House by MDS

The generation gap has become a problem in Japan in recent years. There are an increasing number of two-family homes, as well as houses built on the lots of parents’[...]

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House Gazebo by AR+C

House Gazebo is a 140 sqm single-family residential project located in Guayllabamba, Ecuador. The house was conceptualized as a continuation of nature which is why it is embedded in the[...]

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House M-M by Tuomas Siitonen

Someone should pick the children up from day-care; the grandparents would appreciate a visit; who’d have time to cook and help with the homework? What if the whole family lived[...]

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Jack’s House by FMD Architects

The new extension offers a dialogue between two buildings of different eras. The existing Victorian residence at the street front and the industrial saw-tooth warehouse on the rear boundary seem[...]

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Amarin Apartment Village by 3LHD

Amarin Apartment Village is located north of the city of Rovinj, surrounded by lush vegetation. Next to the existing 272 apartments, the old substandard ones were removed from the site[...]