© Toshiyuki Yano

Fujigaoka M by Sinato

This renovation of a unit in a 26 year old apartment complex is a dwelling for a married couple. By placing the bedroom and walk-in closet on either side of[…]

© Takumi Ota

Tsubomi House by Flat House

Footprint of this house, including the biscuit shop that is part of the house, is only 26 sqm. Tsubomi House is divided into seven split levels without partitions and all[…]

© Jason + Anna Photography

Link by The Ranch Mine

Link is an infill house in the Historic Pierson Place neighborhood in uptown Phoenix, Arizona. The house is named Link as it was the last vacant parcel in the neighborhood,[…]

© Tung Yuh Kuan

Street Canvas by TA architect

Street Canvas is located in Tainan (southern Taiwan) and situated in an alley around the corner. On the south side adjacent to the existing building, on the north side across[…]