Modern Atrium House by Klopf Architecture

The owners, inspired by mid-century modern architecture, hired Klopf Architecture to help them decide: remodel and add to a 1940s modern house or start fresh with an Eichler-inspired 21st-Century, energy[…]

2802 Pico Housing by Moore Ruble Yudell

2802 Pico Housing provides 100% affordable housing at the corner of Pico Boulevard and 28th Street for the nonprofit organization Community Corporation of Santa Monica. This mixed-use urban project accommodates[…]

Hypervolik by Arthur Vartanyan

Student Arthur Vartanyan University University of Southern California Location Los Angeles, California, USA Hyperbolic – (adj.) that which pertains to a hyperbola (a curve), or to hyperbole (an exaggeration). –[…]