Afsharian’s House by ReNa Design

Architects designed houses, which are categorized as artistic and cultural works of art, may morphologically be compared with real, abstract and conceptual paintings or even love stories. Afsharian’s House is[…]

House M-M by Tuomas Siitonen

Someone should pick the children up from day-care; the grandparents would appreciate a visit; who’d have time to cook and help with the homework? What if the whole family lived[…]

Postcard House by Hufft

Postcard House was commissioned by two brothers as a weekend retreat located on Table Rock Lake in southwest Missouri. It is situated on a peninsula with lake views on three[…]

M House by Facet Studio

Rain, snow, sun – the big roof which protects the family life is a symbol of “home”. The timber rafters supporting this majestic roof are exposed, and by having no[…]

Hustadvika Tools by Rever & Drage

Hustadvika Tools is a small but multifunctional building, it was designed and constructed, both as an answer to the clients need for a wind-and-rain shelter at their outdoor summer house-piazza.

Flower House by Ezzo

Flower House involved the remodelling of a small old house to provide space to accommodate a single client. The scheme included the refurbishment of the existing ground floor, demolished of[…]

MRQT Boutique by ROK

Swiss architecture firm ROK – Rippmann Oesterle Knauss has completed the MRQT Boutique in Stuttgart, Germany. The store features a unique fur-like wall consisting of 22.000 wooden sticks with individual[…]